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Speed Training
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Speed Training
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Speed Training

Developing explosive quickness is crucial for athletes across all sports. Speed training is an integral part of a complete exercise program for those who want to take their game to the next level. The most dominant athletes are able to exemplify supreme speed burst ability, which is a product of elastic strength, endurance and flexibility. It’s important for those of you seeking to improve your explosiveness on the court, or on the field, to vigorously participate in speed training drills that force you to expend maximum effort outside of your comfort zone.

The development of increased speed burst ability is relative to certain influencing factors, such as an athlete’s mobility, applicable strength, stamina and technique. All athletes sustain different levels of ability, which means speed training will not result in equivalent positive results for participants. It’s true that speed cannot be coached; however, it can be enhanced. The most efficient exercise tool for enhancing overall speed is sprinting. The kinetic stimulation generated from vigorous bouts of sprinting train muscles to build stronger strides at higher frequencies. This means you will become a more explosive athlete from active participation in sprinting activities.

Speed Training

Speed training is a year round activity. Flexibility is a crucial component of maintaining a high level of explosiveness. Attaining optimal strength and speed cannot be achieved without actively engaging in warm up exercises, such as stretching. Do not underestimate the value of warming up your joints and tendons before participating in high-octane speed training, such as sprinting. Stretching will reduce your chance of contracting injury and also enable your body to perform at a peak level. It’s important to remember that developing speed is a process. You will not set record-breaking track times after a few speed training sessions.

A speed training workout should consist of a combination of sprinting and distance running. Distance should increase through the progressions of each workout. This method of training will result in improved muscular endurance and flexibility. All workouts should begin with short bursts of sprinting. Perform 10 repetitions of 30-meter sprints while allowing for full recovery in between each rep. Then, perform three to five repetitions of 100-meter sprints with 30-second rest intervals. This will force your body to expend maximal energy, but will increase your ability to accelerate at higher levels over time. The final phase of each workout should include two 800-meter runs with two minutes of recovery in between reps. Active participation in speed training activity will ultimately enable you to run with greater acceleration.

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Speed Training

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Speed Training


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